Authentication Proxy for Linux missing build directory

Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I see other proxy posts in here. The current version (5.6.1) is missing the duoauthproxy-build directory that includes the install app. Is there a new way to run the installer, or a mistake in the build?

Hi @cleveste ,

After extracting and building the file (via Step 3 of Duo Authentication Proxy Reference | Duo Security) the duoauthproxy-build directory is present (I verified this on a 5.6.1 Debian install). Simply extracting the duoauthproxy-5.6.1-1aaba41-src.tgz file will not produce the duoauthproxy-build folder.

If you still do not see duoauthproxy-build after performing the make command to build it, please verify your download using the checksum to ensure you have an authentic download. Otherwise, there may have been an issue during the build (make) process.

Hope this helps!

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