Authentication Proxy Connectivity Tool on Linux


I am wondering if anyone used this tool on a command line and had to specify a different location for the authproxy.cfg file?

It seems the script accepts no arguments besides ‘-h’ which displays a help message. No other args listed.

Would appreciate if anyone has insight on this.


I’m sorry to say we don’t have this functionality available. Part of the reason we don’t provide this is because we weren’t positive there was a use case where someone would want to do this. Could you describe your situation to me so that I can see if there’s a way we can support you? Are you trying to test a configuration before putting it in the final location?


Hi @Xander_Desai

Thank you for clarifying.

I was intending to test run it on a staging environment before rolling it out to production. Will have to work out a different testing procedure in this case.


Thanks for the reply! One more follow up question.
If we allowed you to specify the name of a config file ie test_authproxy.cfg but we told you it had to live in the same folder as your regular config would this help your use case?


Hi @eth_00,
Sorry to bug you, but wanted to bump one more time and see if you had an answer for the above question.


Hi Xander,

On my case I don’t think it would help as we are testing Auth Proxy built as a Docker image like


Ah I see. Sorry we aren’t able to solve this use case for you! Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate that.