Authentication Methods

If your organization is allowing phone calls for authentication, what is the percentage of users who authenticate via phone compared to the Duo App/Passcode?

Hi @MDEllis549, thank you for sharing this question here! I’d be really curious to see what folks say. It doesn’t answer the exact question you asked here, but across all of our customers, around 30% of all authentications come from Duo Push. That is the most used authentication method.

ETA: I also found a study from the Ponemon Institute and Yubico that gives a breakdown of the types of two-factor authentication people use on page 19 of the report, which is somewhat related and interesting to see.

Thank you so much Amy!
Maybe you can guide me on how to maximize the Duo Community? Tips or tricks I could do to post this in a place for it to get more traction?

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You are quite welcome!
Great question. One thing I notice you could do to improve your post is to use a more descriptive title. You could go with a question format along the lines of “Which authentication method do end-users most frequently use?” or something more simple like “Most popular authentication methods” etc.
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Sounds great, Amy. I will keep this in mind for my next post within the community.
Appreciate the time and effort to help me!

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