Assign tokens to multiple users bulk mode

I have several service accounts and need to assign multiple tokens to each one. Is there a bulk update way to do that? Example is 10 helpdesk people have a token need to make it useful for over 65 service accounts.

So is there a bulk import?

Hi @smankowski, great question! I can see how the ability to bulk assign hardware tokens would be really beneficial in speeding up the process. Unfortunately, it looks like this is not possible today. You cannot assign hardware tokens to users via CSV import or otherwise bulk-assign them. You could file a feature request for this with our customer support team, however! We’re always looking to add new functionality to improve our customers’ experience.

We use the module on GitHub GitHub - mbegan/Duo-PSModule: Duo Admin API Powershell Wrapper Module

Pretty sure there is a cmdlet “duoAssocUserToToken”.

I mainly use it for “get” cmdlets for some quick reports.

Should be a way to import a csv and use one of the cmdlets though like Amy was saying.

I hope this helps.