ASA Anyconnect receiving multiple Push notifications

Couple of different setups, but seeing same behavior with both. When the authentication time outs have all been set to 60 seconds, but we are seeing a multiple push notifications sent within that 60 seconds. You have to respond to the latest to get connected. Have primary and secondary (MFA) servers both set to 60 second time outs so why are we seeing a new push every 15 seconds.
AnyConnect client profiles have been created with ASA FQDN name and timer set to 60 seconds.
Another different setup has timers set to 120 and uses Duo Radius proxy. That one when connecting with Anyconnect sees a new push after 30 seconds. Fortigate on using same DUO Proxy with timer set to 120 a times out in 30 seconds, but a new push does not occur.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Jeff,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. Please contact Duo Support and be sure to share this community post with them for additional context. They will be able to further assist you with this!

Resolved. I had wrong FQDN so following the steps outlined in the guides would of worked if I had used the right one when creating the client profile. The other setup the client that was being tested was a mobile client that was not taking the client profile xml file that had been altered so it was defaulting to the 30 second timeout that AnyConnect mobile uses. Two different issues with same symptoms created a lot of confusion before finally back tracked enough to realize I had used the wrong FQDN.

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Hi Jeff,

Glad to hear the issue was resolved! Thanks for circling back to share the answer with the community.