As duo admin I want to change duo error response page with custom message


I’m currently in a scenario where I’m trying to sign up new duo user using web app and I am passing the required parameter in IFRAME, then duo takes the control and it displaying the sign-up page in “duo_iframe”.

Once the sign-up process completed the duo_iframe displaying the login screen for duo user then after pressing on Login button it shows an error page with the message “Authentication access denied” (because the duo user is not associated with any groups).

I have also attached a screenshot of error message where we want to display custom error page instead of the default page.

Is there any way to show our custom message instead of this page? If I am able to configure this message through duo portal it will be fine for me.


Right now we do not permit any customization to the Duo Prompt other than using your organization’s logo as configured on the Settings page in your Duo Admin Panel.

If you’re seeing this message when using the Permitted Groups option, we’re aware that the messaging when a user is not part of the allowed group could be improved.

Please contact Duo Support or your Duo customer success manager or account exec if you’d like to submit a feature request for error message customization or if you’d like to be notified about any planned changes to the message shown in this scenario.