Apple Watch App, WatchConnectivity issue

I’m trying to connect my Apple Watch App to Duo Mobile on my phone but it is continuously having issues.

Every time I try to connect I get this error:

“Could Not Generate Passcode” “Please open Duo Mobile on your phone and try generating the passcode gain. Code: 7007 WatchConnectivity session on paired device is not reachable”

Things I’ve tried:

  • Opening Duo Mobile and regenerating passcodes
  • Force quitting duo apple watch app and duo mobile app
  • Making sure duo mobile is open first before opening the watch app

Note: I have no issues with other apps, including Authy which connects to my phone fine and generates passcodes.

From what I’m reading, this may be an issue with the code used to look for the watch which is asynchronous and the duo apple watch app may not be waiting for one of the async calls to return.

Hopefully I’m wrong and there’s another fix I can do to get this working? Being able to accept Duo requests on apple watch is one of the big reasons I got the watch.

In case anyone else is having this issue, fully restarting the apple watch fixed it.