App Blank when using Windows 10 "Your Phone" app

Windows 10/11 has a native app with support for displaying the screen and apps from an Android phone. This app is called “Your Phone”.

All Android apps I’ve tried have displayed properly using “Your Phone” on Windows 10 EXCEPT for Duo Mobile. It just shows a black screen.

Has anyone used “Your Phone” on Windows with an Android Phone who could duplicate this bug or let me know how they fixed it, etc.?

Hi @Amadeus, welcome to the Duo Community! This is a great question. To be honest, I’m not aware of anyone using Duo Mobile with the Windows Your Phone app today, so I can’t confirm whether or not it will work. I’ve shared this with the team and we’re looking into it.

Hello @Amadeus,

I think it is due to Android security: on your phone, when you display all active applications, Duo content is also hidden. See what I mean? Just like Google Authenticator for example.

Hope this helps.


There’s an option in Duo Mobile for Android’s setting that allows screenshots temporarily (which has worked for me to mirror my Android screen but still control it from the phone). Sharing the whole app screen to your desktop for interactive use may be failing as protected interactions, as @antony.gallez suggests.