API sign_request problem with asp.net (in aspx page)


Hello, I have to create a two-factor authentication in C# (asp.net) with duo as part of a business project, but I’m still a beginner in C#. I would like to call sign_request from my aspx page before the Duo.init with IFRAME (examples are given here: Duo Web Two-Factor Authentication for Your Web Application | Duo Security but they are only in python), I have done a lot of research on the Internet to find a response but unfortunately without success!

Can you help me ? I’m struggling !

Thank you in advance !


Hello there,

Did you take a look at our .NET demonstration code on GitHub?

Duo support doesn’t extend to assist with custom development, except to address bugs or issues in our APIs and SDKs.


Yes, I already use this code in my website (with IIS) but I have not found any way to call sign-request from my aspx page or from the code behind my aspx page. Suddenly the call of Duo-Web-V2.js does not work and nothing is displayed in the iframe of my web page aspx.

Would you have any idea how I could go about calling sign_request ?
I develop with Visual Studio.


Ah, it’s SignRequest instead of sign_request in the dotnet demo.

So you would call that static class like Duo.Web.SignRequest(.....