API Help with Bash Script

Howdy All,

First let me admit my ignorance with APIs, and assume that I know nothing.

#!/bin/bash -u

FORM=“Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded”
NOW=$(date -R)

#get these from the Duo Admin interface
INT=“obfuscated integration key from admin page”
KEY=“obfuscated secret key from admin page”


#could also use awk here, or the --binary mode as suggested elsewhere
HMAC=$(echo -n “$REQ” | openssl sha1 -hmac “$KEY” | cut -d" " -f 2)

AUTH=$(echo -n “$INT:$HMAC” | base64 -w0)

curl -s -H “Date: $NOW” -H $FORM -H “Authorization: Basic $AUTH” https://$API$URL

gives me this error:
{“code”: 40301, “message”: “Access forbidden”, “message_detail”: “Wrong integration type for this API.”, “stat”: “FAIL”}

If i change it to the “admin” url i get this error
{“code”: 40103, “message”: “Invalid signature in request credentials”, “stat”: “FAIL”}

Basically i want to pull a user l list via the API, but i can’t even get past the authentication piece.

Any help here is much appreciated.