Announcement: New profile setting for pronouns

Hi everyone! We recently added an optional field for pronouns to your community profile page. Pronouns are a shorthand way to refer to someone, such as she, he, or they. An important part of Duo and Cisco’s culture is kindness and treating others with respect, and that includes using the correct pronouns for people. We’ve made that easier to do in the Duo Community now with the addition of this field. You can easily share your pronouns with others if you’d like, as well as see theirs.

Add your pronouns to your profile page

If you’re already a member of the community, you can add or change your pronouns at any time from the Profile section of the Preferences page for your user account.

New members who sign up for the community will be given the option to fill out this field as a part of their profile when creating a new user account.

View pronouns on the community

Your pronouns will appear in the user card that displays when you or someone clicks on your avatar in the community, as shown in the image below.

Pronouns will also appear at the top of the community profile page, an example of which is shown in the image below.

Adding pronouns to your profile is completely optional. This change is to help make everyone feel more comfortable. Pronouns are an essential part of our identity and how we and the world around us refer to ourselves. Using the correct pronouns for someone affirms their identity and shows them respect. Conversely, using the wrong pronouns can be offensive or even harmful. In English, our most commonly used pronouns (he/him and she/her) specifically refer to a person’s gender, while they/them is a generic singular pronoun that can refer to someone of any gender.

Our Community is welcome to people of all identities, including LGBTQ+, and we strive to create an environment in which everyone feels safe to contribute openly and honestly as their authentic selves. Read more about why pronouns matter here. By adding this feature, we hope to make it easier for our members to express themselves and let others know how to respectfully refer to each other.

I’d like to give a friendly reminder that intolerance will not be tolerated in our forums. Per our Community guidelines, which you can read here, we have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech and inflammatory or abusive language. Abuse against other members due to their pronouns or misuse of this feature will result in deactivation of your Community account. We have already deleted one account due to abuse of this feature.