Ann Arbor Security Conference: A2Y.ASM September 24, 2016


ARBSEC, Ann Arbor’s information security meet-up, is hosting their second annual conference, called A2Y.ASM.

Focusing on providing a platform for local information security professionals to network, learn, and present, the event promises hours of content, a delicious lunch, and a t-shirt, all for $20.

The event will be held at Bona Sera in Ypsilanti, MI on Saturday, Sept 24. Tickets are $20. Attendance at the event is capped because of the size of the venue, we expect to sell out of tickets again this year.

The official schedule:

The strange world of healthcare security - Kevin Fu
So You Want to Be a Pentester… - Calvin Hedler
The Poormans (faster) Shodan using EC2 and its results - Mike Baker
GRR: Remote Incident Response - Jessica Wilson
I YK4 and So Can You: Securing Dev/Ops with Hardware-Backed Keys - Adam Goodman
Violent Ruby: A Talk for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Engineers - Kent Gruber
Information As Activism - Stephen Brannon
Routing in the Dark: Social Routing on Freenet - Michael Grube
Making OSINT Work For You & Preventing Social Engineering
Gotta Hack 'em All: Arbitrary Code Execution in Pokémon Red and Blue - Isaac Tepper
Hacking the Gibson: Then and Now - Steve Edwards

For more details, see the official site:

Hope to see you there!