Angular 8 front end with .NET Core back end DUO WebSDK integration?

We are considering creating an Angular 8 front end with .NET Core back end web site. Not sure how to integrate the two differing ends with a DUO push notification process.

The existing example from the WebSDK is a bit confusing in that regard. Does anyone already have experience in this area that could point us in the right direction? We already have the keys and application set up in the DUO admin area - we just need some idea how to incorporate the code into the web site properly. Thanks.

P.S. Duo Support made this statement
Because unexplored and unique webserver environments can be problematic to provide an all-encompassing solution for, it is necessary that Duo support not be involved in the architecture of code outside of the scope of the standard code we provide.

They basically said they are unable to discuss the issue with me and pointed me to the community forums to see if other folks had done such an implementation successfully.

So, just a bit of an update - I am having a partially working solution in that I can click a button, call the sign request functionality and get the sig-request value back from Duo.

My problem lies with the secondary portion of the functionality using the iframe. When I receive the sig-request I am routing to a new page that is supposed to hold the iframe. When I put an iframe into the html I immediately get an error saying that the host is missing from the Duo init. When I remove the iframe the screen just stays blank.

html iframe is like this:

<iframe id='duo_iframe'
        title='Two-Factor Authentication'

Angular code for running the iframe is like this:

  ngAfterViewInit() {
    if (this.duo.signRequest.length > 0) {
        iframe: "duo_iframe",
        host: this.hostName,
        sig_request: this.duo.signRequest,
        submit_callback: this.twoFactorVerify.bind(this),

I know this is sort of working because I can read the duo.signRequest (there is a value), but no matter what I do the iframe is not working.

Anyone out there know what I’m talking about and how I might look at this differently in order to get it working?

Moved the Angular code to the On Init method instead of the After View Init method and it works.