Android notification content shifting

I’d like to report a bug in the Android app.

Generate an authentication request to the Duo Android app


  • On the Android device, there is a notification containing some details and the option “Tap to view actions”.

  • After a brief moment, with no action from the user, more details appear in the notification, shifting the “Tap to view actions” down. Having already aimed for the “Tap to view actions”, pressing where it used to be just a moment ago results in pressing where the additional details now are, taking the user to another screen. This is classic content shifting of a button, and is incredibly annoying.


  • There is no content shifting. Either stick to displaying only the initially displayed details, or display all details straight away.


Thanks for your post. Based on the information you’ve shared, I believe you’re encountering intended behavior. The “shift” is due to information being fetched from the server and updating the notification with said information, in order to provide as much info as early as possible.

Thanks again for letting us know your thoughts about this and we will consider your suggestion in the future.



Ping. I’d like to reiterate that this content shifting is a bug.

If you believe content shifting is intentional and desirable, please at least run this by your UX people and let me know what they say.


Hey Fred,

Thank you for your patience while we looked into this further. After speaking with the development team, it turns out this is a known issue which is currently under investigation with our team. We’re looking into possible solutions.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m very glad to her there’s agreement this is a bug and it’s getting looked at. If possible I look forward to hearing about an ETA for a fix soon.

I’m a developer in a big corporate myself as well so I fully understand not everything can be prioritized or fixed all at once! But I can hope :slight_smile:

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