Android approve/deny button notification swap

Just got the new 4.0 mobile update for android. Why on god’s green earth, would you swap the approve/deny buttons placement in the push notifications? I have already denied quite a few push requests so far and it’s pretty frustrating. Is this a bug?

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I agree there is no good reason to swap the Approve and deny button

Hi @jgilfoil and @Lanceh65,
I can definitely understand the frustration you feel around this change! It will no doubt take some time to get used to the new button placement. It is not a bug, but rather an intentional choice we made with the app. As for why, I’m not sure if you are just being rhetorical or would actually like to know, but I’ll assume the latter :slight_smile: as there are sure to be others who share your same question.

We have a help article that explains Why did Duo change the placement of the Approve and Deny buttons in Duo Mobile 4.0.0? This change is to create a more natural and consistent experience for the user across apps and is based on usability best practices. It was a decision we put a lot of thought, research, and testing into for exactly some of the reasons you cited. Longterm, we expect this will create a better end-user experience for Duo Mobile, though we recognize there might be an adjustment period for our current users.

Thanks for the response and explanation, Amy. I guess my only response is, that I wish the button placement had been a setting so that users who have muscle memory built on the old setup, could select their preference.

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I just celebrated my 8th year at Duo and of course we 2FA all our things, so you can imagine I was extremely well conditioned to tap on the left to approve. It took a few weeks of accidental denies but even I have managed to learn new behavior.

I’m on Android, and I noticed that other app dialogs (and those from the OS itself) also have the “positive” action on the right, so it all feels natural and cohesive. When testing the new app on iOS (which I don’t often use) I also noticed the match between Duo Mobile and the OS UIs.

In fact, I’ve accidentally taken a negative action in other apps that still have the positive action on the left, so my brain now recognizes that as an anti-pattern.

Good luck, and thanks for using Duo.


This change has been so frustrating in the 10 minutes I’ve been using it that I signed up just to express how bad of a change this was. The fact that you had to write a KB article about it should have told you right then and there that this is a terrible idea.

How were most people using DUO? I cannot believe most people (if their notifications were working properly) were opening the app and then clicking Allow or Deny, and not just using the push notification.