Android and O365 & Azure with Duo


I have Activate the " SAML - Office 365 " and the " Microsoft Azure Active Directory "

All work for MacOS & Windows … seamless !

For iOS with the application Mail we had hard time but now it’s work well but not for the Android…

For the Android User we cannot connect any applications of O365 … Team / Outlook we will received Warning or if we accepte the push this will ignore the Duo Acceptance.

I pretty sure i not the only one having this issue.

Thanks for your help guys ! My Android need a super hero :stuck_out_tongue:

We found something … it’s probably the Microsoft Authenticator.

If you have Microsoft Authenticator and a Android 10 the page for the Duo Proxy doesn’t work.

We trying this into other Mobile to be sure !

I’m having the same issue with Yealink Team phones and the Duo Access Gateway I believe.

When logging in, the users are presented with this page instead of the Duo Access Gateway.

The Teams login works for everyone else except for the Yealink Team Phones.

Anyone found a work around or a solution?