Alternative device for admin login

I am an Admin for our account. I have added a second device (an iPad) to my account for normal login (incase I do not have my iPhone with me) This allows me to create a passcode to log into our server.
But I would really like a similar facility to be able to log into the admin website. I have looked and it does not allow additional devices for admins.
Is there any way that I can setup an additional access method for use in emergencies?


As far as I know is not possible.
But you can add another owner/administrator that have a different device.

You can also register a physical token as an alternate device. The Hard token has to be registered in the console before you can add it. No U2K tokens.

We make all of our admins (and most users) add a Yubikey to use in addition to the push. Most users find the Yubikey more convenient in the long run.