After DUO installation, rdp is not working


I just installed DUO, and locally it works perfectly.
But I can’t rdp to my pc anymore. I can’t even ping my PC anymore in local network.
I did RDP to my PC just 30min before installing DUO and it was working properly.
Do you know about any issue or configuration that can have locked my pc?!




Duo for Windows Logon doesn’t modify your firewall settings or enable or disable RDP inbound access. That you can’t even ping the system sounds like a network issue.

You should make sure that RDP is still enabled, your Windows Firewall on the system with Duo isn’t blocking incoming RDP (or ping?) connections (and no firewall on the other system is blocking your outbound RDP connection), and that you’re using the right IP address or host name to connect.

Here’s an article from Microsoft that may help you troubleshoot the RDP connection: