Admin Portal Timeouts After Login


Greetings. Curious to know if anyone is experiencing issues after logging into their respective admin portals for managing their Duo instances? This morning I have been logged out of our admin portal whilst navigating through it almost immediately after a successful login. Generally I am able to access maybe a couple of pages in the Admin Portal before being kicked out and presented with “***Your session timed out. Please login again.***” from our admin login portal. Our daily use web browser is Google Chrome Enterprise, and we are on the latest stable version (currently v75.0.3770.100 x64) on Windows 10 x64 v1803.

My co-workers have also experienced the same. The issue does not appear to manifest itself if using Chrome in Incognito Mode, nor does it appear if using Firefox. Suffice to say we have not tried either Edge or IE11 on Windows 10.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions? Thanks in advance.


Hi Kevin, I discussed your issue with a few coworkers. We think have an idea of what’s going on–please contact Duo Support and reference this community post and they should be able to help you out.


I have an open case number of #00365066. To provide additional info, we have multiple internet links here that are managed via a FatPipe appliance. Suffice to say, since we became a customer around this time last year, we have not experienced this issue up until the end of May/first of June.

In speaking with the support tech, he mentioned that sessions to the admin portal would trigger a reset if the ip address changes. This very well may be the cause of our issues, but again, this behavior has only recently been occurring.

Any additional suggestions? Thanks.


Do you have more than 1 egress point for your internet connection (firewall)? If so - lock* to just one circuit. We have multiple, and would see that message after authentication and getting redirected to our admin portal… duo saw us on a different circuit than login didn’t like that.


Yes we do, and yes we’ve had to perform those actions on certain vendors that had issues with the ip addresses changing. Definitely not opposed to asking our Network Engineers to make a change on their hardware to remedy this from our end.

Still wondering what may have changed between the end of May and now, as our shop has run in this manner since we implemented Duo to our masses last October.