Admin account keeps saying it needs to be reactivated

Free account here for my home lab - two admin users, and 3 regular users. I switched phones for Admin B, and when I try to login with that account and send it a push, it comes through, I approve, and then it puts up a dialog that says:

Reactivation Required
Your account needs to be reactivated.
Please see your administrator for help.

I’ve reactivated, deleted the app and redownloaded, rebooted phone, everything I can think of. Pushes to this phone for access to RDP/RDG/RDWeb work, and if I type in the OTP code from the phone instead of using a push (not a text, the code shown in the app) it works.

Phone is an iPhone 11 Pro Max running 15.0.2 and Duo app version

Noted: when I delete the app, it says it’s deleting all data, but when I reinstall it comes up with the two accounts it had before - the admin account and user account for RDP/RDG/RDWeb applications. So I’m not sure I’m really clearing the local data, but I don’t know how to do that short of wiping the phone, which I’d rather not do.

Help? Any thoughts or advice? I’m literally getting ready to install a paid account for a client for the first time this week, so I’d really like to clear this up before we move forward.

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Hello @solmssen and thanks for the note.

The team discovered an issue on for iOS that could cause the behavior you’re experiencing. We have a fix in the release which is now available in the App Store. We’ve confirmed with other admins this release fixes the “Reactivation Required” issue. We’d love to hear back to confirm this clears the issue up for you as well.


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Seems to be fixed with the new release - I downloaded the update and I was able to login with a push to that phone, no alert. Nice to know it wasn’t me, glad it’s fixed. Thanks!