ADFS MFA Installed - missing from MFA options


Domain Controller is running on Windows Server 2012R2. Documentation is being followed here

After installation and opening ADFS Management, choosing to Edit Global MFA, there is no option for the Duo Authentication for AD FS, only Certificate Authentication is available.

Troubleshooting steps so far -
Uninstalled and reinstalled the Duo Auth ADFS software as administrator in elevated CMD prompt
Stopped-Started the ADFS Service post-install.

Any help is appreciated!


Do you have just one ADFS server? The plugin needs to be installed on each of the servers in your ADFS farm. Also have you checked the event viewer after restarting the ADFS service for any errors regarding the service failing to load the plugin? Event Viewer-> Applications and Services Log-> AD FS-> Admin


Just 1 ADFS server. Checked Event Viewer and the only issue is LogLevel Warning for:
*The SAML artifact resolution endpoint is not configured or it is disabled. *
*The artifact resolution service is not started. *
*User Action *
If the artifact resolution service is required, use the AD FS Management snap-in to configure or enable the SAML artifact resolution endpoint.

Not seeing any messages regarding the plugin.


Hi @pulsar can you grab an MSI install log and verify that completed successfully with our support team.


Hi @PatrickKnight I have a log file ready and am in communication with your support team. I’m waiting to hear back about how to provide the log output to your team securely.

I don’t have access to the support portal yet and am wary of sending the log contents over email. I have another ticket open regarding the support portal availability.