Adfs 2019 + duo

We have a working instance of ADFS 2019. We’re trying to integrate DUO. We’ve followed the instructions listen here:

We are using the latest DUO agent,

We’ve added DUO to the Additional Authentication Methods. Our Replying Party is set to Permit Everyone and require multi-factor authentication.

When try to logging in to our app, we provide username and passwords to ADFS, we get redirected to page that says, “For security reason, we require additional information to verify your account”, but the DUO frame never loads, and we are instantly redirected to our web app.

We’ve enable debug logging in ADFS and DUO, and we’re not seeing anything that would indicated DUO is being loaded or trying to authenticate anyone. We’ve done Wireshark packets captures from the client and the ADFS server and at no point do we see either reaching out to the IP address of the API endpoint.

Has anyone getting DUO working with ADFS 2019, if so did you have do anything other than what was outlined in the above article.