Adding Existing DUO Account to under MSP account



I have just recently setup an MSP account for us to be able to managage multiple customers in our role as an MSP. I have one customer which have previously enrolled for Duo and I am wondering how I can add this customer under our MSP account without having to redo the setup for this customer?

Under the Account tab I only seem to be able to add new customers whom are not already enrolled, please let me know if i am missing something or if there’s any procedure to add already existing Customer to our MSP account.

Thank you


Will answer my own question here since I reached out to support and what is needed to link an existing account i.e re-parenting is to contact support and they will assist. Hopefully this info can help someone else in the same situation


Hi @Cklint,
Under certain circumstances we can support migrations. We first have to make sure that the customer is eligible (not already paid-in-full annually).
The best way to start this process is to engage your Duo MSP Partner Manager, or simply send an email to explaining the situation and asking for help. Check out and bookmark for more MSP Program details as migrations are mentioned in our MSP Program Guide. Thank you!