Adding Duo authentication to Deltek's Costpoint

We are using Deltek’s Costpoint and would like to using DUO as an authentication method. Has anyone set that up already or have knowledge in how to do so?

Hi there, and welcome to the Duo Community! It should be possible to protect Deltek Costpoint with Duo two-factor authentication, based on this help article I found for end-users that mentions enrolling in two-factor authentication with the Duo Mobile app. If LDAP or RADIUS are supported, you can use one of our generic Duo integrations for either of these to accomplish this.

It looks like there are instructions to set up authentication for Costpoint in the product itself. While in Costpoint, select Help > Release Notes and navigate to the Technical Guides section. I can’t see those instructions myself, so if you have further questions after viewing them, please continue to add to this discussion. I hope that helps or at least gives you a starting point!