AD sync failed with objectGUID


I am trying to configure Active Directory Sync on DUO. I cannot sync the objectGUID to DUO however I set it as username or username alias. However, I can see that the DUO authentication proxy can retrieve the attribute from my AD.


Please contact Duo Support to open a case. We’ll need to do more in-depth troubleshooting not best handled in the community forum.

What’s your use case for importing objectGUIDs? Do your users actually log in with them to some application you want to protect with Duo?


Hi Kristina,

objectGUID is the key and unique ID on our AD, although it’s not the login name for our applications. To avoid user account is sent to trash coz of changing log in name, we would like to import objectGUID as the primary username.

May I know if your lab test importing objectGUID?


We don’t support importing the objectGUID as the username at this time, but please open a support case. At minimum, they can create a feature request for you about this use case.