AD doesn't contact DUO for one particular user

We are successfully using AD (Windows Server 2019) with DUO for our 2FA, but we have a problem with one particular user. When they log in to the server there is absolutely no communication between the server and DUO. The user gets a message saying the login has timed out. The DUO logs show that nothing at all has occurred. I’ve compared this user’s profile in AD and it is identical to all of our other users, so I cannot work out why it’s not working. has anyone ever encountered this problem before?

Hi @mikelegg this is interesting. I’ve not personally heard of this issue before. I recommend contacting Duo Support for help troubleshooting this issue further. They’ll be able to take a look directly and tell you what’s going on!

Thanks Amy. One of techs was able to resolve it, but I’m not sure what he did. I’ll try to find out and post it here in case others have a similar problem.

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