Active Directory Sync and Phone Type


I’m syncing users from our Active Directory and import telephonenumber (Landline) and mobile (usually smartphone). Is it possible to assign “telephonnumber” automatically the type “Landline” upon import?


No, as mentioned in the description of the “Primary phone” and “Secondary phone” sync attributes here, directory sync imports phones as generic smartphones. This is not a configurable option.

Thanks. Might be worth making it a configurable option?

To file an official feature request for making the synced phone type configurable, please reach out to the Duo Support Team or your Customer Success Manager (if you are a Duo Care customer with a CSM) to have your idea recognized.

In the meantime, if you have many phones to update, I’d suggest using our Admin API’s /phones endpoint to modify the type. This works for any phone, regardless of origin. CSV import won’t be able to update the phone type as it’s not able to modify synced users or any devices attached to synced users.