Accounts/Admin API across child accounts

So I enabled the Accounts API and Admin API in my parent account. I can call both APIs methods successfully including getting back the list of child accounts. However I am really confused because the Accounts API documentation states:

Once a customer’s Duo account has been created, the Admin API can configure and query the new account. An Account API ikey and skey can authenticate with the Admin API for any child account. When using an Accounts API application all Admin API methods take an additional parameter, account_id , which selects the child account to operate on. Child accounts do not need to add an Admin API application for this to work.

To me this seems to indicate I can use the IKey and SKey from the Accounts API to then make calls against the Admin API given I pass in the account_id parameter as well to get details on the child accounts? However this doesn’t seem to work, always returns a 401. So looking for clarification if indeed this is possible then do I use the child account API hostname or parent account API hostname (I have tried both) and is there anything else I would need to enable for the Accounts API IKey and SKey to work on the child accounts?


Hi John,
I looked into this with our support team and it appears there may be an issue with your Accounts API setup. It looks like you have a support case open with our team on this issue, so please work with our support engineers there to troubleshoot this issue further. Thanks!