Account Ban Due to Login Attempts

My phone got broke and i was not able to log in.
I tried Support Chat they were very supportive.
Helped me log in via call but there was some threshold issue with call login so it took some retries.
All of a sudden while support personnel was doing hit and try with me all of a sudden he said your account has been banned for 24 hours and we do not have the ability to unlock the account.
It is quite odd as support does not have anything to unban the account that was genuine attempt.

Now my server is locked and they cant bypass the user. Additionally, i cant login to my server for next 24 hours that is very discouraging and that shattered my trust over duo security that they cant do anything about something totally in their control.

After a while I did chat with another personnel who was most probably more learned and experienced, of course went out of the way to support and re-stabilized my trust on service.

But yes it was a bit tense period since it was not getting resolved.

I will for sure purchase a 3$/user account though where more services are guaranteed as well and that makes me actually eligible for live chat support.

I would again like to Chris D. for the kind and out of the way support.

Hi @nasiralee,
Thank you so much for following up to let us know you got the help you needed. I’m sorry to hear you had that experience and things were tense at first. I spoke with Chris and the team internally as well and learned that there was an issue preventing you from calling in to support, which they were able to resolve. Sounds like you got it taken care of now. Please let me know if there is anything else we can help you with, and thank you for using Duo!

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Dear Amy,

Thank you for contacting me. Chris was great and helped me throughout the process.

Thank you for the follow up.

Also yes there is one thing. i was told that the basic license cost is 3$ but i was charged 30$ instead, after chatting again i was told that you have to buy at least 10. Here’s the thing I have just one user for now for which I can have the license, there is no need for me to have 10 additional.

I even asked if they can switch me simply to a plan with 1 user and if an additional user is created you may charge more. And keep 30$ and adjust for months but i was denied that it can’t be done. But let me suggest that if that works you will have an even higher client base.

Best Wishes,
Nasir Ali.

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That’s good feedback for us to have. Thank you for sharing it, Nasir Ali! I’ll pass your comments along to our team.