Access Device - empty in Duo Admin Log

My Duo admin log just shows for Access Device, and “Location Unknown”. Second factor usually shows a location which I’d assume might be based on a cell tower location, if the 2F is from a phone. My own, for example, is shown as my next town. Is the Access Device piece based on the version of Duo that we’re running?

Oh, snap. Found the answer here:
Why do I see “” as the Access Device IP address in the Duo Admin Panel’s Authentication Log?]

Still curious about the 2F location though…

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Hi @lkeyes, glad you were able to find the partial answer in a help article! The location of your authentication device (your second factor) is also based on IP address. It may differ from the location of your access device—even if your phone is sitting on the desk right next to the laptop you’re using, for example—for a few reasons:

  • You might already be connected to a VPN on the Access Device when you access an app.
  • You are using a cellular network on the Second Factor device instead of WiFi.
  • You are using WiFi-assist, in which your device can access both WiFi and cellular data.

So you’re right, it could be based on the cell tower location if you are on a cellular network I believe. That answer, btw, is also from an article: Why do I see different IP addresses for Access Device and Second Factor in the Authentication Log report in the Duo Admin Panel?

Thanks for sharing your question in the community!