Access Device and Second Factor IP


About the admin logs, why is the IP address under Access Device different from the IP address under Second Factor?

How is the Access Device different from the Second Factor?


Hi Rafael,

The Access Device is the device (such as a computer) from which the person is trying to access an app that is protected by Duo, while Second Factor refers to the device they are using to complete two-factor authentication, such as a smartphone.

There are several reasons the IP address would differ between the two—even if, for example, your phone is sitting next to you on your desk while you access a Duo-protected app on the laptop right in front of you. The person could be accessing an app while already connected to a VPN on the Access Device. Another reason is if the person is using a cellular network on the Second Factor device, instead of WiFi.

Note that sometimes the Access Device IP may be reported as, read more about that in the Knowledge Base: link

We’re working on a Knowledge Base article that will contain a comprehensive list of reasons the IP address could differ between Access Device and Second Factor, which I’ll link to in this thread once it’s published.

Hello Areyes,

Thank you for the quick response.

I would recommend updating this article too, maybe it’s me but I don’t think it’s clear on what device is what.

Thank you again.

Happy to help! Thank you for that feedback. We will update that article as well.