40102: 'Invalid integration key in request credentials' ('')


Hi Madam/Sir,
Would you suggest the how to solve Duo API Error 40102: ‘Invalid integration key in request credentials’ (’’)
iam new to Duo. gone through the document and follow the same.create the Duo security account and validate MFA all are good.and download the c# api test application from given url by duo.
ikey,skey,host name where to get present i’m getting thouse value from Duo Auth API path(Dashboard–>Applications–>Protect an Application)
try to use Create user from c#sharp app using api(admin/v1/users)finally i get the nvalid integration key in request credentials error where to i’m wrong would suggest the how to create user in duo using c#sharp

Thanks in advance
Thanks& Reguards
Praveen thatikonda


hi Praveen! You mentioned the Authentication API, but also wanting to create users, which would be the Admin API: https://duo.com/docs/adminapi. Please note the Admin API needs to be enabled by our Support Team as indicated in the documentation. Is it possible you’re using the incorrect Application type (and therefore an invalid IKEY for what you’re trying to do) in the Duo Admin Panel?

You will also want to check the following:

  • Issue: Incorrect time on machine.

    • Solution: Check system time, time zone, and NTP time.
  • Issue: Incorrect integration or secret key.

    • Solution: Compare the keys listed in the Duo Admin Panel to confirm they are correct.


Hi Dooley Thanks for reply,How to enable Admin API any prerequisites required would you suggest the how to enable Admin API


The Admin API is available for all customers using a paid edition of Duo. If you’re using an edition other than Duo Free, please contact our Support Team for access to the API.


I have added Windows RDP on my Duo dashboard.
I couldn’t make two-factor authentication work on my server and I was not able to login to my server either.
I searched around and realized I should login to my server in order to do any changes on Duo, which I couldn’t.
Hence my last option was remove the app from my Duo dashboard.
No my issue got worse and I get this error message (the thread title).
Please let me know how should I solve this to be able to login to my server again…


Hi benham,

If I understand you correctly, you installed Duo Authentication for Windows Logon on your server, but found that you could not log in afterwards. Then, you went into the Duo Admin Panel and deleted the RDP application ties to that Duo install.

If that sequence of events is accurate, then you are receiving the “Invalid integration key in request credentials” message now because the application whose information was used to install Duo on your server no longer exists.

You have a few options at this point:

  1. Boot into safe mode to uninstall Duo: https://help.duo.com/s/article/1088
  2. If you accepted the default “fail open” setting and have physical access to the server, disconnect the network and log in at the console to uninstall Duo. If Duo for Windows Logon can’t contact the cloud service and the application is configured to fail open you can log in.
  3. Similarly to #2, if you accepted the default “fail open” setting and have remote file system access to the server (like via the UNC path \\servername\c$), you could add an entry for your Duo API host with a fake IP to the server’s hosts file, and then RDP to the machine to uninstall Duo.

Please contact [https://duo.com/support](http://Duo Support) if you still can’t get into your Windows system.


Thank you very much for detail explanation. But I don’t have physical access to my server, hence I can’t start the server in safe mode. I am contacting support to see if I can get any help.

I will update the result in this thread so if anyone else faces the issue can find some help.


I have this same issue.

Had duo installed almost for a couple of months but never used it to login since initial setup. But all of a sudden I’m not able to login to my server using rdp.

Although I had the RDP application enabled from the duo admin panel, I never used the 2FA to authenticate a user due to the same reason given in this support ticket by Praveen thatikonda.

Since the error occurred I have gone to the duo admin panel and completely removed RDP from the enabled application, but I still get the error.

Please advise urgently.



Hi Derek,

Deleting the RDP application from the Duo Admin Panel before uninstalling the Duo Windows Logon application makes it impossible to log into the server using Duo, so you need to bypass and then disable/uninstall it.

Are you able to try either of the options I mentioned to benham earlier in this thread?