2FA Fatigue Testing

Is there a way to send a push to all devices using DUO to test for 2FA Fatigue? Currently we DUO setup with just the green checkmark for authentication and I would like to see if people would simply click it out of habit. It would be a great test to move forward with forcing employees to enter a code instead of the checkmark.

There isn’t a canned way to send pushes to all devices.

From the Admin Panel you can send pushes to individuals using the “Send Duo Push” link on a given user’s details page.

Another idea to send pushes at scale would be to create an Auth API application and use scripting to send pushes to users that way i.e. do GETs to the Admin API /users endpoint to get a list of usernames or user_ids of your users with devices activated for use with Duo Push and then do POSTs to the Auth API /auth endpoint with factor=auto to send them push requests with your desired ipaddr, hostname, pushinfo, etc. Then you can track the push responses (approve, deny as mistake/deny as fraud, no response) in the Authentication Log.