2016 Duo Feature Retrospective


As a preview of the ongoing release notes we’re going to begin posting in this community category, here’s a look back at some of the major features and changes Duo released in 2016:

  • New applications

    • Added support for a variety of new applications including Oracle Access Manager, CloudLock, Bomgar, CyberArk, Keeper, Udemy, and Github.
  • See all of our supported applications here: https://duo.com/docs.

  • Accessibility

  • Our goal is to build usable security for everyone by providing methods for end users with accessibility requirements. We added a variety of features to make our products more accessible in 2016.

  • Duo Access Gateway SSO

  • Duo Access Gateway allows you to achieve single sign-on for both your primary credentials and your two-factor authentication.

  • Device Insight Overview

  • See detailed information about your users’ endpoints within the Duo Admin Panel.

  • Self-Remediation and Blocking

  • Warn and block users based on their operating system, browser, and plugin versions. You can also provide steps to allow them to resolve needed updates.

  • Group Access Policy

  • Configure the group access policy to change how certain groups access a Duo-protected application or to change access to selected applications.

  • Device Management Portal

  • A standalone application that puts your users directly into the device management interface.

  • Admin Panel login via hardware token

  • Administrators can authenticate into admin.duosecurity.com using a hardware token.

  • Duo Insight

  • Duo Insight is a free phishing assessment tool by Duo Security that allows you to find vulnerable users and devices in minutes and start protecting them right away.

  • Enrollment Email Logos

  • Include your organization’s logo when customizing the self-enrollment email message sent to your users.

  • Internationalization

  • The Duo Prompt and Guide.Duo.com are also available in French and German.

  • FIPs on Android

  • Customers who need FIPS 140-2 passcodes on Android devices can enforce this through the “FIPS 140-2” setting.

  • Azure AD Sync

  • Import Duo user information directly from your Azure Active Directory (AD) cloud service into Duo with Duo Security’s Directory Sync feature.