2 factor auth with ubikey for Fortigate SSL VPN

Is there any solution/tutorial to use Duo radius proxy for 2 factor auth on Fortigate SSL VPN? I need a solution to use ubikey for VPN access. In what scenario may I use Duo with ubikey to make an Windows VPN 2 factor auth? The hardware is an Fortigate appliance (I can reconfigure it from using forticlient to use native Windows VPN client or another client, to be able to use 2 fact auth with ubikey)

Hi there!

Did you read our instructions for FortiGate VPNs? You’ll note that you can append a passcode to the password at login; this appended passcode can be generated by a Yubikey in OTP mode.

Thank you very much! Those days I read alot about Radius and Yubikey and now its clear in my mind!

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